© 2019 by Crossing Over Series, Glenda Bates. 

Crossing Over Series

Curated by Glenda Bates ~ Center for New Music ~ San Francisco 

A collection of contemporary classical and jazz musicians crossing over into diverse genres, and new artforms. 

 Artists forging new paths and personal modes of expression.

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We bring together artists, and bring audiences from different art forms together to share artistic experiences and ideas. There is so much to be learned from grey areas, crossing points, and intersections -- the coming together of systems.  Artists and specialists in all fields need spaces to explore and play together, to generate ideas, and to develop divergent thinking and innovation.  

In subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle ways, innovations in art can lead the way for innovations in culture, society, and politics. In our world’s quickly shifting political, economic, and physical climates, our world needs divergent thinking and innovative solutions. Interdisciplinary arts can lead the way for creative thinking in all fields.

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