© 2019 by Crossing Over Series, Glenda Bates. 


A brand new curated series of concerts at Center for New Music featuring contemporary classical and jazz musicians crossing over into diverse genres and new artforms - Artists forging new paths and uniquely personal modes of expression. The series will present featured crossover artists, and commission artists of different fields to collaborate together on multi-disciplinary performances.


Our first concert was Sameer Gupta’s A Circle Has No Beginning on August 16, 2018.  A packed house joined a group of musicians from Jazz, Indian Classical, and European Classical backgrounds, following them on an improvisational journey led by master percussionist and composer Sameer Gupta.


Crossing Over Series presents featured musicians who are already blending genres and artforms in unique and fruitful ways. Gupta is a perfect example of this, as is Laura Austin WIley, a featured artist who is an accomplished jazz flutist, vocalist, composer, a published author of three novels, and a painter. We also commission collaborating artists to come together for artist-driven multidisciplinary projects.

The curator of this series, Glenda Bates, is herself a genre-crossing, multi-disciplinary artist, and with several years of experience working for non-profits, she is in a unique position to guide this organization into a robust future. Dr. Bates will be a curator at Center for New Music from 2018-2010.  After this time, Crossing Over Series will continue to present at CNM, but also branch out by performing venues throughout the Bay Area.